Evaluation Toolkit – Tutorials and Support

Evaluation Toolkit – Tutorials and Support

If you are new to the Europlanet Evaluation Toolkit or evaluation in general, these video clips and webinars give quick overviews and more in-depth discussions about the content of the toolkit and approaches to evaluation.

Introduction to the Europlanet Evaluation Toolkit

This video gives an overview of what you will find in the Europlanet Evaluation Toolkit.

EPSC2021-275-material-r0 from Copernicus Meetings on Vimeo.

Selecting the right tool by Dr Jen DeWitt

In this video, Dr Jen DeWitt describes how you can select the right tool to evaluate your activity.

Overview of an example tool (Pebbles in a jar) by Dr Jen DeWitt

In this video, Dr Jen DeWitt goes through an example of one of the data collection tools (Tool 8 – Pebbles in boxes or a jar) and describes how you can find the right tool to evaluate your activity.

EPSC Splinter Meeting SMW11: Evaluation FrameworksWebinar

Evaluating the scientific and socioeconomic impact of research activities is becoming increasingly important for securing future funding. This challenge is complicated by the fact that research projects can cover many different types of activities in many different geographical locations, targeted at different audiences.

SMW11: Evaluation Frameworks from Europlanet Society on Vimeo.

Using the example of the Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) this workshop looked at how to develop an evaluation framework that can help pull together different strands of activity in a large-scale project. Such strands can involve different types of scientific research, as well as associated outreach and training efforts. Using as a starting point the OECD Reference Framework for Assessing the Scientific and Socio-economic Impact of Research Infrastructures, the session aimed to orient participants to the way that framework has informed the evaluation of Europlanet 2024 RI. Participants were then given an introduction to logic models and their use in evaluation.

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