Lunar Resources

Lunar Resources

1. Virtual Moon Atlas 

This lunar atlas is a free new version with some lovely geological mapping:

2. The Lunar 100 observing challenge 

The Lunar 100 is a list compiled by Charles Wood writing in the Sky and Telescope magazine that attempts to provide a selection of 100 of the most interesting telescopic sights.

L100 Info Sheets:

3. Observing Tool

SkyPortal is a great free planetarium app that uses your phone GPS and sensors to show you what is in your night sky.

4. Good guide to photographing the Moon

NASA Virtual tour:

5. Impact Simulator

To investigate how the lunar craters formed check out the impact simulator – can you create craters the same size as the craters we observe on the Moon?

6. Hands-on Activity Generating Craters

Get messy with flour!

7. Explore the Apollo 11 virtual reality experience – launch a Saturn V rocket in your living room!! 

8. Submit your photos to the SuperLuna 2021 Flickr Group

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