Farinella Prize 2016 – Citation

Farinella Prize 2016 – Citation

The 6th Farinella Prize for the year 2016 on the topic “Applications of celestial mechanics to the natural bodies of our solar system” was awarded to Dr Kleomenis Tsiganis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh)) with the following motivation:

Kleomenis Tsiganis has given timely and deep examples of applications of Celestial Mechanics to the natural bodies of the solar system. The methods he used exploit both analytical and numerical tools of Celestial Mechanics, clearly showing his interdisciplinary ability. Tsiganis masters several areas of physics and mathematics, in particular related to dynamical systems theory. Their combined use is mandatory in order to understand complex phenomena, characterizing the formation and dynamics of the natural bodies of the solar system. Tsiganis produced impressive results in modeling the solar system, in particular he contributed to a deep understanding of the early dynamical phases and architecture of our planetary system. Tsiganis authored many papers published in high level international scientific journals.


Alessandra Celletti (chair)
Steve Chesley
Zoran Knezevic
Anne Lemaitre
Giovanni Valsecchi

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