December 23, 2020

Planetary geologic mapping and modelling winter school

The PLANMAP team, in collaboration with Europlanet 2024 RI’s GMAP initiative, announces the first PLANMAP winter school on planetary geologic mapping and 3D geological modelling, that will be held virtually 1-5 February 2021. The PLANMAP winter school will provide an overview of the technical and scientific skills needed by the next generation of planetary mappers.

The last 20 years of science exploration changed dramatically the technical and scientific skills required to perform planetary geological mapping, so that the required knowledge are continuously evolving. The Planetary geologic mapping and modelling winter school will address the most recent outcomes on the production of planetary cartography, providing the students with the basics needed for map creation, their use for scientific investigation, landing sites characterization, rover mobility and resource exploration.


Important notice!


 Due to the large interest in the winter school registration closed early.
More calls will be opened in the future.

The Winter School will be held 1-5 February 2021.

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