Policy-Industry @EPSC

The Europlanet Science Congress (originally European Planetary Science Congress) EPSC, is the annual meeting of the Europlanet Society. With a track record of 15 years and regularly attracting around 1000 participants, the Europlanet Science Congress is the largest planetary science meeting in Europe. It covers the entire range of planetary sciences with an extensive mix of talks, workshops and poster sessions while providing a unique space for networking, dissemination of scientific results and exchange of experience and best practices.

Virtual Policy-Industry sessions were organised in the context of EPSC in 2020 and 2021. These were high-level events featuring among the main speakers MEPs, European Commission officials, agency representatives, SMEs and other stakeholders. At the face-to-face EPSC2022 in Granada, a splinter meeting was held.

The Policy-Industry sessions focus on:

  • Painting the landscape of planetary research in Europe – future missions and the role of Agencies
  • Industry – research collaboration for innovation: the benefits for society and growth
  • Funding opportunities; challenging decisions in the context of Horizon Europe in times of crisis
  • The essential role of space as a strategic asset for Europe
  • Raising awareness of the successes of European Space Programmes, in particular when it comes to inspirational science e.g. planetary sciences, and their potential for innovation

More details and the recordings of the Policy-Industry sessions can be found at:
EPSC 2020>
EPSC 2021>
EPSC 2022>