Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement 2022 – Application Form

The Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement with Planetary Science is awarded annually. Through the Prize, Europlanet aims to recognise achievements in engaging European citizens with planetary science and to raise the profile of outreach within the scientific community. It is awarded to individuals or groups who have developed innovative and deep social impact practices in planetary science communication and whose efforts have significantly contributed to a wider public engagement with planetary science in terms of inspiration, learning and relevance for their everyday life.

The Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement 2022 will consist of a cash award of 1500 €. The winner will be honoured at the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) 2022 in Granada and will be invited to share experiences and best practice during an EPSC2022 Awards Ceremony.

The call is now open. Winners will be notified by early July 2022.

Deadline for nominations: 15 June 2022.

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