Education and Outreach Events

BepiColombo Earth Flyby Photo Contest, April 2020

Afar Desert Classes

The Second Afar Desert School took place on 10th February 2020 at Hamed’Ela, Afar, Ethiopia.
Afar Desert Class 2020

Afar Desert Class was an initiative conceived in the European project, Europlanet 2020 RI, in collaboration with GEMMA (Estense Mineralogical and Geological Museum of the University of Modena) and Reggio Emilia and with the support of some private associations and supporters. The first Afar Desert Class took place from February 23rd to 25th 2019 and involved 60 children from the Hamed’Ela elementary school, their six teachers and, as often happens in Africa, the whole community of the village.
Afar Desert Class

Science on Stage 2019, Portugal

Science on Stage 2019, Portugal

Juno Public Event, Athens 2016

Public event on Tuesday, 5th July at the Coral Hotel in Athens to celebrate the arrival of Juno at Jupiter.
Juno Public Event, Athens 2016

Mercury Transit Selfie, May 2016

#MercuryTransitSelfie 2016