European Space Law Delay: An Assessment

According to Niklas Nienass’ recent post, the postponement of the European Space Act within the current legislative period has raised concerns about the trajectory of European space policy. Nienass had previously underscored the importance of this legislation in safeguarding vital satellite infrastructure and promoting sustainability in space activities.

Despite initial commitments from Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Commissioner Thierry Breton, the delay in presenting the European Space Law has prompted reflections on its potential implications. Nienass expressed disappointment over the setback, emphasizing the urgency of establishing regulatory frameworks to address emerging challenges in space governance.

Nienass’s critique of the delay highlights the need for Europe to maintain a proactive stance in shaping the future of space exploration. As discussions continue on the content and implementation of the European Space Law, Nienass’s advocacy serves as a reminder of the importance of swift action in ensuring the safety and sustainability of space activities.

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The 16th European Space Conference: A Confluence of Ideas, Innovation, and Policy

Space Industry Leaders, Policy Makers, and Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to the 16th European Space Conference, the premier event in the space industry calendar. Scheduled for 23-24 January 2024, this pivotal conference will be held at the SQUARE Brussels, with an option to participate online for those unable to join us in person.

Dynamic Programme of the Conference – 23 January 2024:

The first day of the conference promises a rich tapestry of sessions, keynotes, and dialogues, meticulously designed to catalyze progress in European space policy and industry.

  1. Main Sessions: Delve into a series of comprehensive sessions covering a wide array of topics at the forefront of space technology and policy. These sessions are crafted to reflect the current challenges and opportunities in the space sector.
  2. Keynote Addresses: Be inspired by a lineup of distinguished speakers. These keynote addresses will be delivered by prominent figures in the space industry, offering profound insights into the future of space exploration and technology.
  3. One-to-One Dialogues: Witness engaging and insightful one-to-one dialogues between key personalities from various facets of the space domain. These intimate conversations are designed to provide deeper understanding and diverse perspectives on pressing space issues.
  4. Targeted Theme Sessions: Participate in specific sessions focusing on targeted themes. These discussions will feature key personalities from the European space domain, including high-level representatives from EU institutions, Member States, the European Space Agency, national space agencies, and the European industry.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, policy makers, and space enthusiasts. Exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and collaborate with experts and innovators from across the globe.
  6. Exhibitions: Explore a range of exhibits showcasing cutting-edge space technologies and services, presented by leading companies and emerging startups in the space sector.

This year’s European Space Conference is not just a gathering; it’s a crucible where ideas meet innovation, and policy meets practice. Your presence will contribute significantly to shaping the European space policy landscape for years to come.

Registration and Additional Information:

For more details on the event, registration, speakers, and accommodations, please visit the website.

Space Briefing: for young and grown-up space fans

On his latest space briefing, MEP Niklas Nienass presents the latest news on the subject of space, i.e. exciting news for space fans of all ages. 
As regards the young and young-at-heart space fans, Mr. Nienass states that he has just published a children’s book. He particularly states that, what is happening in space is often difficult to understand for children and non-experts. That’s why “Nikki will zum Mars” is the first children’s book about space in this format and the first children’s book that also explains space politics.
Further, after introducing the book at the Frankfurt Book Fair he gave it to the first experts, including UNOOSA Director Aarti Holla-Maini and ESA Director Josef Aschbacher, who, he can be spotted as a character in the book, in which he explains what the ESA is all about. 

Additionally, Josef Aschbacher is now the perfect transition to the news for the big space enthusiasts. That is why, he visited the ITRE Committee and reported on the implementation of the Union Space Programme from ESA’s perspective
Moreover, one of the topics discussed was Europe’s current lack of access to space. What was mentioned is that “we cannot carry on like this without independent access to space long-term. Regardless of how many innovative flagship projects we are creating in the EU on the ground. We cannot rely on launching all our projects with external rockets, but must strengthen the market with new procurement structures. This was also emphasised in the committee.
Following the above, Niklas Nienass mentioned the welcoming of the announcement to launch innovative and competitive solutions when it comes to awarding launches. And these are urgently needed. After all, the Commission wants to use SpaceX to launch two Galileo launches – i.e. safety-critical infrastructure – into orbit in the first half of 2024. 
Lastly, he advises whomever wants to know more about the current European space policy in “Nikki will zum Mars” and would like to receive a free copy (for now only in German) for themselves or as a gift, to send a message.

To see the full briefing, please follow the link below:

PhD Life – Part II: Finding and Starting the PhD

Stairway to Space
Stairway to Space
PhD Life - Part II: Finding and Starting the PhD

In our second episode dedicated to PhD life, we dig into the primary steps of a PhD, including searching and applications, timing and consequent interviews and tips for the Resume.

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