Teacher training workshop: SPACE I — Speaking Planet to Teachers Community in Ethiopian
November 8, 2018

Teacher training workshop: SPACE I – Earth’s SPHERES interactions

17-18 November 2018, Mekelle

SPACE I — Earth’s SPHERES interactions is the first workshop organized by Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure (RI) in the framework “SPACE – Speaking Planet to Teachers Community in Ethiopian“, which aims to bring new life into classes.

SPACE workshops will be a great way to develop skills as well as an opportunity to meet scientists and other teachers to share ideas and experiences on teaching planetary sciences.

At the SPACE I workshop, participants will:

  • Participate in 5 ready-to-use planetary science activities
  • Learn how to develop activities to stimulate exploration and strengthen critical thinking skills
  • Explore great science activities for children
  • Gain a better understanding of the science concepts behind the fun activities, making students excited to learn
  • Reinforce scientific concepts in a frontier research field
  • Share ideas with other teachers and trainers, and learn from each other’s experiences

The goal of SPACE Workshops is to show educators how to use proven teaching strategies to make space science more exciting, more engaging, more interactive, and more meaningful in their classroom.

For full details, download the workshop programme.

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