March 10, 2023

4th Europlanet Workshop on Fireballs/Lunar Impact Flashes

12-13 May 2023, online.

Convened by: Manuel Scherf (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences), Günter Kargl (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences) and Detlef Koschny (Technical University of Munich, Germany).

In cooperation with the Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI), a series of four workshops bringing together different networks of fireball observers and machine-learning experts were being arranged over the last two years. This series is aimed at: i) the development of a common data format and/or common entry point to the observational data of the different fireballs networks, ii) getting the community for observing lunar impact flashes together, and iii) machine-learning science cases for meteor observations.

The fourth workshop in this series will be a logical continuation of the previous workshops. The main topics will be:

  • An update on machine-learning activities related to meteors
  • Presenting more fireball observation networks
  • Continuing the discussion on how to expand the implementation of a common event notification and a data exchange format
  • Providing updates on the status of lunar impact flash observations and the related detection software.

The workshop will be held purely virtual. Registration will be required to obtain the meeting link.

See details of the first, second and third workshops.