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About the Europlanet Society

The Europlanet Society promotes the advancement of European planetary science and related fields for the benefit of the community and is open to individual and organisational members. Anyone with an active interest in planetary science (whether academic or industrial, professional or amateur) is welcome to join.

Our aims:

  • To expand and support a diverse and inclusive planetary community across Europe through the activities of our 10 Regional Hubs
  • To build the profile of our sector through outreach, education and policy activities
  • To underpin the key role Europe plays in planetary science through developing links at a national and international level.
The launch of the Europlanet Society at EPSC2018. Credit: L Giacomini

The Society is the parent body of the annual Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) the largest annual meeting on planetary science in Europe. Launched in September 2018, the Europlanet Society builds on the heritage of 15 years of Europlanet projects funded by the European Commission and provides a sustainable legacy for infrastructure, virtual access facilities, tools and services developed through these activities.

The Europlanet Society is governed by an elected Executive Board and its activities are supported by Committees and Working Groups drawn from its membership. The Society’s Executive Office is hosted and administered by the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg.

Download the Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Membership benefits and fees

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Europlanet Society Leaflet (2019 Edition)

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