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Transnational Access Post-Visit Evaluation Form

Note: if you have been sent this link by mistake, and your visit did not happen, please let us know and do not fill in the form.

You will be required to upload your Scientific Reporting Form as part of this online survey. Please download the template, fill in the form and get it checked and signed by your host facility before starting this survey.

Fields marked with an *  are required. The personal information requested will enable us to reimburse you for your expenses and also to match your responses to future related activity (e.g. publications, conferences etc.), as well as to fulfil our reporting obligations to the European Commission.

If more than one person was funded by Europlanet for your TA visit, we encourage you to submit a combined response but use the text boxes to share or expand on any differences in experience.

If there are any questions that you are uncomfortable with or prefer to answer in confidence or anonymously, please contact our independent evaluation specialist, Jen DeWitt, at 

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