Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Network

The Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) network was officially launched during the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) 2017 in Riga.

The aim of EPEC is on one hand to form a strong network between young professionals during events, including EPSC and the annual EPEC meeting, by organising early-career-relevant activities, and on the other hand to have a voice within the Europlanet Society to shape the future of planetary and space sciences.

We define an early-career scientists or space professional as someone whose last degree (e.g. MSc or PhD) was obtained a maximum of 7 years ago, excluding parental leave, serious illness and similar delays.

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EPEC Structure

The EPEC network will be a bottom-up structure, which will be based on the early career community in planetary and space sciences. Every early stage researcher can become a member by signing up to the EPEC newsletter.

The EPEC Early Career Group consists of volunteers from the general EPEC community as well as representatives of regional and international partner early-career networks.

The Early Career Group will work together in different working groups. An EPEC Committee will be elected biennially from the Early Career Group, with one Committee member as representative for each Working Group, as well as one Chair. The Committee representative is the general contact point of the EPEC network from in- and outside and will organise regular online meetings with the other Committee members to ensure continuous progress of the Early Career Group. The Chair will be appointed by the Committee after the election of new Committee members.

EPEC Working Groups

The planned working groups are:

  1. EPSC activities
  2. EPEC annual week
  3. New frontiers
  4. Diversity / inclusivity
  5. Future space research
  6. Space policy
  7. Early career support
  8. Website and feedback
  9. Outreach and training

Detailed descriptions of the objectives and aims of each working group will be added soon to the EPEC webpage.

EPEC Newsletter

The EPEC network is open and free of charge to all early-career planetary scientists and space professionals. If you would like to receive news (e.g., about the annual EPEC week or next EPSC activities), you can sign up by writing a short email to We will not spam you with lots of emails, but only send few emails per year with relevant information.

EPEC Logos

Download the EPEC logo in the following formats:

Grey ( png | jpg )

White ( png )