News & Events
— July 28, 2023

22-EPN3-086: Exploring the Effects of H+, On+, and Sn+ Irradiation of Water Ice, plus an ISM relevant Molecule, as a Potential Prebiotic Europa Ocean Analogue Visit by Alexandra Corrigan, University […]

— July 19, 2023

EPEC Profiles – João Dias In this series from the EPEC Communication Working Group, we meet members of the Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) community and find out more about their experiences […]

— July 18, 2023

First BepiColombo Flyby of Mercury Finds Electron Rain Triggers X-Ray Auroras Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) Press Release BepiColombo, the joint European Space Agency (ESA) and Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency […]

— July 6, 2023

With the exponential growth in EPEC activities across EPEC working groups since its launch and with the term of our current EPEC committee Co-Chairs ending, the EPEC Committee is looking for one elected Committee Co-Chair for the next term to help sustain the Committee activities. The term of the elected EPEC Committee Co-Chairs will be two years with an option to extend for an additional year. The expected time commitment of the elected EPEC Chair is approximately two hours per week averaged over one year. However, an increased commitment is expected during the EPEC Annual Week and EPSC organizing weeks.

— July 6, 2023

Call for Vice Chair of EPSC Executive Committee Deadline: Thursday, 17 August 2023 We are looking for a volunteer to act as Vice-Chair of the EPSC Executive Committee for upcoming […]

— June 30, 2023

According to his latest post, MEP Niklass Nienass, through an upcoming exhibition on space debris, is trying to give the topic of space debris a public platform. Based on his […]

— June 22, 2023

Soapbox Science 2023: Women Scientists Take the Floor at the Heart of Brussels This Saturday afternoon, 12 women scientists in Belgium will be bringing their science to the public during […]

— June 16, 2023

Get Ready for ERIM 2023! The first Europlanet Research Infrastructure Meeting (ERIM), co-hosted with the 5th Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Annual Week, will take place next week (19-23 June 2023) […]

— June 6, 2023

22-EPN3-088: Scrutinising bio- and geo-signatures in support of the Raman interpretation of space missions data Visit by Ana de Dios Cubillas, CSIC-INTA (Spain) to TA2.19 Center for Microbial Life Detection, […]

— June 6, 2023

22-EPN3-107: Characterising the electron-impact-induced emission of CS2 to constrain sulfur abundances in cometary and planetary atmospheres Visit by Steven Bromley, Auburn University (USA), to TA2 Facility 13 – Electron Induced […]

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