ERIM 2023 Goes to Schools

ERIM 2023 Goes to Schools

ERIM Goes to Schools will be an open outreach event to engage schools with planetary science-related topics, organised by the Europlanet Outreach team and the LOC for ERIM 2023. Attendees at ERIM 2023 will have the opportunity to participate in outreach activities of their choice (lectures, workshops, hands-on activities, etc.) during ERIM and EPEC Annual Week, including:

  • a visit to a local school
  • a hosted visit of local schools onsite at Comenius University during the week of the meeting.

This is a great opportunity to meet young students who are eager to learn more about research and provide them with answers to their most pressing questions, from planetary science trivia, to career paths and the scientific method.

Participants attending ERIM and/or EPEC Annual Week in-person, who are willing to give lectures or organise outreach activities for schools that week, should fill in the ‘ERIM Goes to Schools’ part of the Registration Form.

Do you have a lecture you like to give to the general public? Would you like to prepare a lecture on your most recent research? Have you spent time crafting a great workshop but lack opportunities to organise it? Do you have a set of hands-on activities you would like students to try? Would you like to have a moment with a classroom for an informal conversation?

Talks can be in English, Slovak or potentially other languages (depending on requirements of schools e.g. international colleges). Register for ERIM Goes to Schools when you register for ERIM 2023.

ERIM Goes to Schools is a sister project of ‘EPSC Goes Live for Schools’, led Athanasia Nikolaou of Lecturers without Borders, the Diversity Committee of the Europlanet Society and Europlanet 2024 RIEuroplanet Early Career network (EPEC), Scientix and Frontiers in Science.

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