March 25, 2021

Mars Collection of Educational Resources: Support for Educators

To support educators in using the new Europlanet Mars Collection of teaching resource packs, we are releasing a series of short videos that introduce the collection as a whole and the individual resources.


The video provides support for educators using the Europlanet Mars Collection of Educational Resources. The first resource pack (1. Extremophiles) gives an introduction to life found in extreme environments, exploring the kind of stresses we may find on Mars and how life can adapt to survive these.

References: ‘The Gateway Science: a Review of Astronomy in the OECD School Curricula, Including China and South Africa.’ Saeed Salimpour et al, Research in Science Education, 2020.

1. Extremophiles

Go to the teaching resource pack on Extremophiles.

2. A Brief History of Mars

Go to the teaching resource pack on A Brief History of Mars.

3. Volcanoes on Mars

Go to the teaching resource pack on Volcanoes on Mars.

4. Martian Chemistry

Go to the teaching resource pack on Martian Chemistry.

Videos to support the other teaching resource packs in the series will be published here weekly.

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