Let’s learn with AstroEDU – ERIM 2023 Outreach

Let’s learn with AstroEDU – ERIM 2023 Outreach

Goals: Learn how to produce new educational activities to be proposed for publication on the

● 30 min: Presentation. Introducing AstroEDU, its audience and the activities already
published (20 min max + 10 min questions).
● 1 hour: Participants are divided into 2 groups. Each group will be guided by a facilitator
and will work on the case study of an activity to be proposed for review.
● 30 min: The workshop will end with a final global presentation of the activities analysed
by the groups.
Target audience: Researchers who want to maximise their outreach activities, teachers.
Duration: 2h (3h possible if requested)
Moderator(s): Livia Giacomini, Federica Duras
Working group: Edward Gomez, Gwen Sanderson, Giulio Mazzolo

Number of participants (max.): 16.

For more details, go to the ERIM programme and look out for sessions tagged in orange.

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