ERIM 2023 – Policy & Industry Track

ERIM 2023 – Policy & Industry Track

For over a decade, Europlanet had actively engaged with both policy makers and Industry and Academia groups. We continue to leverage collaborations, synergies with experts and policy makers to engage them with the cutting-edge science and technological challenges of planetary science and exploration.

ERIM 2023 is an opportunity to bring groups together to learn new skills, evaluate the current programme of activities, share successes and barriers, identify wishlists and priorities, and define a clear roadmap for taking Europlanet outreach activities forward into the next decade.

Policy & Industry-led activities at ERIM 2023 include:

  • What role for Europlanet in the future European Space Industrial Landscape?
  • Training on engaging with policy makers
  • More details of sessions to be added.

Co-organised Policy & Industry sessions (led by other tracks, but relevant to Policy & Industry attendees) include:

  • Interactive introduction
  • The role of the Regional Hubs
  • The ecological footprint of research in planetary sciences
  • The Europlanet General Assembly
  • Roadmapping for Europlanet

For more details, go to the ERIM programme and look out for sessions tagged in dark blue.

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