ERIM 2023 – Outreach Track

ERIM 2023 – Outreach Track

From its foundation in 2005, outreach to different communities has been a core activity for Europlanet. In 2023, the Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure, the Europlanet Society, the Regional Hubs and the Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Network all work and collaborate on outreach and educational goals.

ERIM 2023 is an opportunity to bring these groups together to learn new skills, evaluate the current programme of activities, share successes and barriers, identify wishlists and priorities, and define a clear roadmap for taking Europlanet outreach activities forward into the next decade.

Outreach-led activities at ERIM 2023 include:

Organising the Europlanet (outreach and education) community, from global to local scales

Let’s learn with AstroEDU

How to transform your outreach activity into a business: examples and case studies

ExoClock workshop

Poster interactivity, from old school to Augmented Reality

Communications soft skills

Co-organised outreach sessions (led by other tracks, but relevant to outreach attendees) include:

  • Interactive introduction
  • The role of the Regional Hubs
  • The ecological footprint of research in planetary sciences
  • The Europlanet General Assembly
  • Roadmapping for Europlanet

For more details, go to the ERIM programme and look out for sessions tagged in orange.

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