How to transform your outreach activity into a business – ERIM 2023 Outreach

How to transform your outreach activity into a business: examples and case studies – ERIM 2023 Outreach


  • Learning from the valuable experience of panellists.
  • Foster a safe environment to discuss steps and processes to create a business out of your science communication activities.


  • 5 min: Introduction
  • 10 min: Short talk. What should you think about when starting to turn your science communication activities into a business?
  • 30 min: Panel discussion I – 4 questions from the moderator
  • 45 min: Panel discussion II – open conversation with the audience

Hybrid format: the workshop will include online content available to all (e.g. interviews, videos, and resource package) and will be livestreamed. A moderator will make sure to ask the questions typed in by the online attending audience.
Target audience: Outreach and education officers, science communicators, early career researchers.
Duration: 1h 30
Skills audience get from it:

  • Learning about basic business models (product, service, training, media, events coordination, etc.) and structures (non-profit, for-profit, start-up, etc.).
  • Learning about basic market studies skills: identifying demand and acceptable business models (who, what, how much).

Working Group: Ulysse Pedreira-Segade, Livia Giacomini, Federica Duras, Thibaut Roger.

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