ERIM 2023 – Research Infrastructure Track

ERIM 2023 – Research Infrastructure Track

Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) is the latest in a series of research infrastructure projects funded by the European Commission to support the planetary science community.

The European Commission (EC) has provided significant investment in RIs through its Research and Innovation Programme. A key driver in this is the provision of ‘transnational access’ whereby researchers are funded to use facilities in a different country from where they are based, thus promoting international scientific mobility. By pooling resources and data to provide easy access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, the EC aims to support the best science, connect national scientific communities and avoid duplication of effort. Hundreds of RIs support the research community across Europe, covering diverse fields of study from science and social science through to cultural heritage.

ERIM 2023 is an opportunity to bring together members of the Europlanet and other RI communities to reflect on current challenges and explore future options for developing and sustaining their operations and demonstrate their impact in Europe in the next decades.

RI-led activities at ERIM 2023 include:

  • Common Challenges and Sustainability for Small and Medium-sized Distributed Research Infrastructures (RIs). 
  • The Europlanet 2024 RI Council Meeting (by invitation only).

Co-organised RI sessions (led by other tracks, but relevant to RI attendees) include:

  • Interactive introduction
  • The role of the Regional Hubs
  • Europlanet Telescope Network Science Workshop
  • VESPA Workshop
  • SPIDER Workshop
  • GMAP Workshop
  • Machine Learning Workshop
  • Outreach sessions
  • The ecological footprint of research in planetary sciences
  • The Europlanet General Assembly
  • Roadmapping for Europlanet

For more details, go to the ERIM programme and look out for sessions tagged in purple.

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